Bonding agent for old and new concrete. Repair damaged, sprawled concrete and filling of cracks. Suitable for water proofing of toilets, bathrooms, terraces, bond coat for patch work repairs and laying floor screeds.


  • Good adhesion to concrete/masonry surfaces
  • Improving tensile and flexural propeties of repair mortar
  • Reduces water penetration & shrinkage
  • Better abrasion and chemical resistance of cement screed.

Instruction For Use:

The surface must be thoroughly cleaned to remove all dust & debris. Surface should be free from oil, wax, or any other contaminations. Ensure the substrate is sound before application. Wet the surface before coating to achieve SSD condition.

As Waterproofing Coating: Mix cement and MSBR 777 in the ratio of 2:1 pbw to get uniform and consistent slurry by using low speed stirrer. Apply material by stiff brush. Minimum two coats to be applied in the interval of 5-6 hours. Mix frequently to avoid setting during application. Cure for 3 days. Coverage : 1 Sqm/ Kg Mix in 2 Coats

As Polymer Modified Mortar: Cement – 50 Kgs + Sand Zone II – 125 Kgs + MSBR 777 – 10 Ltrs + Water to get desired consistency

As Bonding Agent: Apply directly or mix cement a & MSBR 777 in the ratio of 2:1 pbw to get uniform and lump free, consistent slurry. Apply as Slurry Coat before placing polymer modified repair mortar.

Performance Properties:

Appearance : White
Type : Modified SBR Dispersion
Form : Liquid
Density : 1.03
Solid Content : 41 ± 1 %
pH : 8-10
Film properties : Clear and soft
Pack Size : 1/5/20 kgs
Shelf Life : 12 Months

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