Fix-A-Tile (Tile Grout) is a single-component, free-flowing cement-based polymer-modified Tile Grout for filling tile joints. Tile Grout is fast-setting, has low shrinkage properties, and prevents water ingress through tile joints. Can fill tile Joints up to 5 mm.


  • Confirms to ANSI 118.6
  • Ready to Use, Easy to Mix
  • Excellent Adhesion, Water resistant
  • Available in different colours


Tile Joints in Walls & Floor.
Tile Joints in Wet Areas.
Add Fix-A-Tile TGA (100 ml / Kg) to enhance water permeability & Bonding properties.

Performance Properties:

Appearance : Free Flowing Powder 
Mix Density : 1.9  Approx depends on shade
Pot Life : 1 Hour
Open time : 25-30 mins@ 30 Deg C, 50% RH
Setting Time : 24 Hours
Mixing : Add 1 kg powder to 325ml of potable water.

Coverage : Depends on Tile Joint width & Thickness of the Tile
Colours : White, Ivory ,Grey, Terracotta, Brown (refer shade card)
Pack Size : 1 Kg
Shelf Life : 12 months

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