MCFix Water Seal 2K is a two part acrylic modified high performance waterproofing coating for concrete and masonry. Supplied ready to mix in two parts (powder + liquid ) in the required proportion.This can be used on Concrete, Brick & Block work as a waterproofing coating for new and old structures. Application areas are Terraces, Sunken & Wet Areas, Bathroom, Toilets & Balconies


  • Economical, Tough, Flexible & Seamless coating
  • Withstands High Water bar Pressure, Suitable for Positive and Negative side waterproofing
  • Prevents Efflorescence
  • Has Anti-carbonation Properties and is user friendly.

Application Procedure

Ensure surfaces are clean, dry, and free from contaminants. Application surface should be in SSD condition. Repair any surface cracks with polymer mortar. Mix Water Seal 2K (Powder: Liquid ratio 2:1) to a lump-free consistency. Apply the first coat with a brush or roller. Allow 5-6 hours for curing. Apply the second coat and let it cure for 3-5 days. Use a cement sand screed for trafficable areas and maintain the desired water slope.

Performance Properties:

Colour : light Grey
Mix Ratio : Powder Liquid (2:1)
Drying Time : 45 minutes
Re-coating Time : 5- 6 Hours
Full Cure : 3-5 days
Hydrostatic Pressure : 5 Bar Positive / 4 Bar Negative
Elongation at break: 100 % as per ASTM D412
Adhesion Strength : 0.8 mpa ASTM D4541
Crack Bridge ability: Upto 1.2 mm ASTM D4548.5
Water Vapour Permeability : : 0.3 ASTM E96
Coverage 15 sq ft/kg/Coat
(Minimum 2 Coats recommended)
Pack Size : 3/15kg Composite pack
Shelf Life :12 months

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