MCFix Water Seal IWL Plus is a Integral waterproofing Liquid with Plasticizing properties for use in conjunction with mixes of Cement, Concrete, Plaster & Mortar. This advanced formulation makes the mix cohesive and reduces water permeability. Useful in Waterproofing of Concrete & Sand-Cement mortars in constructing of Roof Slabs & Screeds, Plastering, Water tanks, Bathrooms, Balconies, Sumps, Drains & Basements.


  • Improves Work-ability
  • Reduces Permeability
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Improves Durability Reduces Shrinkage Easily Mixable
  • Improves Compressive strength due to Reduction in W/P ratio

Instruction For Use:

Load Cement and Aggregates into the Concrete Mixer as per Mix Design. Mix the material for few minutes. Add 50% of gauging water into the Mixer and continue Mixing. In balance 50% gauging water add MCFix Water Seal IWL Plus as per recommended dosage and add it into the Mixer. Continue Mixing for some time till a homogeneous mix is achieved. Place the concrete / plaster as required. Allow sufficient curing to gain targeted strength.

Performance Properties:


Colour : Off white
Form : Liquid
Density : 1± 0.1
Compliance : IS 2645 / IS 9103
Dosage : 200 ml / 50 kg cement bag 
Pack Size : 1 / 5 / 20 Ltrs
Shelf Life : 24 months


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